Alberto Goetzl is the founder and president of Seneca Creek Associates, LLC, a consultancy offering services in natural resources economics and international trade. Mr. Goetzl served on the staff of US International Trade Commission (ITC) and has worked for and with major industry associations and companies. He has written on a wide range of subjects ranging from sustainable forest practices to trends in global forest products supply and demand. Among other assignments, he currently serves as Chairman of the Maryland Sustainable Forestry Council.

Mr. Goetzl co-authored a Resources for the Future publication entitled Sustainability of Temperate Forests. In 2008, he led a team of collaborators in conducting a major risk assessment of the legality and sustainability of US hardwoods. In 2004, he collaborated with Wood Resources International to author a landmark study on the illegal logging issue and its impacts on U.S. industry competitiveness. The study led to enactment of amendments to the Lacey Act in 2008.

When he’s not “working” professionally, Mr. Goetzl manages a horse farm that his family owns in the Frederick, Maryland area. The farm has a small woodlot of mixed upland hardwoods that he is bringing into a more productive condition.


 Mr. Goetzl has a Master of Forestry (M.F.) degree in Natural Resources Economics & Policy from Duke University and holds a B.A. in Government from Bates College.

Alberto Goetzl

Seneca Creek Associates, LLC
Consultants in Natural Resources, Economics, and International Trade

  Selected Projects/Reports:
  “Illegal” Logging and Global Wood Markets: The Competitive Impacts on the         U.S. Wood Products Industry
  Assessment of Lawful Harvesting & Sustainability of US Hardwood Exports
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  International Tropical Timber Organization Articles/Reports
       Trade Data Discrepancies
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